Department of Electronics and Communication

Electronics and Communication Engineering offers :

1.B.E in Electronics and Communication intake: 60

Electronics and Communication Engineering department imparts high quality technical education to its students with the help of its state of the art computing facilities and highly qualified teaching and supporting staff. It keeps pace with the latest technological developments and thus helps students stand in good stead in their professional life. Salient Features

The Department offers Bachelorís Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with an intake of 60 that teaches the latest developments in different areas like computer software, hardware and networking, microprocessors, operating system, signal processing, logic design ,analog circuits ,VLSI etc. The department regularly conducts workshops, short term training programs and industrial tours.
Licensed vendor softwares like Visual Studio, TurboC and Borland C++ on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems are used.

The interaction between students and professors greatly enriches the educational experience for all.
Our faculty members are good in the areas they teach.
Not only do they provide a solid grounding in the academic theories and concepts of their specialty, but also provide the students challenges facing their discipline.
They provide the students the right balance of theory and practice.